as unschoolers and members, we were invited to preview the new exploratorium down on the embarcadero at pier 15. we were there from 10:30am until 2pm and saw about 1/4 of what there is to see, if that?! as we walked onto the main drag an “explainer” walked up to us and handed us a pair of mirror glasses. when you wear these you feel as if you are walking on the ceiling – a change in low to high clearance makes you feel like you are walking over a cliff. the girls loved them and were immediately making sounds of frightful glee. this was only the beginning of a jam-packed day of exploration through a maze of new and old exhibits. we saw our homeschool teacher ken finn touring a group of press folks around – there is a chance we might even end up in the june issue of sunset magazine. “hey, look at this!” was the mantra of the day. they have a tinkering studio, a biology laboratory, a freshly fallen 330 year old tree, a library full of books, a learning center, crazy mirrors, 3D glasses, a stop-motion animation studio, a colorless room, a rupe goldberg-like station, and a model of san francisco/pingpong ball track made out of toothpicks that took 37 years for the artist scott weaver to make – and the list goes on. we highly recommend a visit (or twelve). we are so happy to call this amazing resource our “school”. we cannot wait for the homeschool program to start up again – until then, we will no doubt spend many hours getting to know their beautiful new digs.
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