Monthly Archives: October 2013

when i began to feel exhausted by the schedule (some kind of instruction each day), vivian announced she had decided to not take violin anymore – again. i was frustrated by this – the time and money i had invested in her interest?! ugh. but why? why was i impatient and frustrated by this outcome? after all, she had only pursued an interest and decided it was not the path she wanted, at least for right now. in addition, i was the one that had offered the lessons to her again after hearing how taken she was by a little girl she met who could really play the fiddle. truth is, i love going to the community music center. i love spending time there. of all the other lessons we go to all week, this is the place i enjoy most. hmmmmm – perhaps we ended up here partially because of my interest and my excitement? in addition, they gave me a full refund on all the un-taken classes….so, i found myself apologizing and explaining myself to viv. she said, “yeah, you did get a little over dramatic mom, but it’s okay.” and it was true, i had. i had been caught up in my own expectations of what i wanted her to get out of it. so, lesson learned – family style.

we quit violin this week and didn’t go to gymnastics. we had only ida’s music appreciation class and vivian’s capoeira. she is learning┬ábrazilian portuguese there now – they had the idea to spend an extra 15 min at the end of class going over vocabulary and phrases. she loves it.

today we watched movies all morning, cleaned the house, and spent the afternoon in the alley with the muralists who are restoring the mural on our garage – viv has been out there the last couple hours on her own. she just came up and asked me for a book of edna st. vincent millay’s poetry to share with miranda – apparently they had been talking about learning, art, language and our cat edna who is named after the poet. miranda wanted to hear a poem, so viv had me open to one of my old dog eared pages. she found the poem perfect because it talked about language and art. she was so excited she wouldn’t even let me look for one that i liked more….learning in progress, do not get in the way.

so i find myself once again leaning quite heavily in the direction of radical unschooling. learning is happening even when it doesn’t appear to be. i have faith in this. i just need a little reminding now and again. our niece solana is teaching viv some songs on the key board and viv is now thinking that maybe the piano is her instrument. “or maybe i’m just not a music player mom….maybe i just like to listen and experiment. i really like to do stuff with my body. i’m physical.” this is the best thing i have heard all week – viv thinking out loud about who she is. this i notice after a week of catching our breath – i really do love this unschooling lifestyle – it just works for us – it feels like magic when you let go.