Monthly Archives: December 2012

IMG_3519 IMG_3831an elemental is a spirit embodying one of the five elements of antiquity. i feel like this spirit informs much of what we look into these days. click here

current pastimes include:

1. the hobbit – can’t put it down. viv in particular is transfixed. both of us reading out loud to the girls. lots of drawing inspired by this story. her memory of the detail is boosting for me. working magic on her brain and on my spirit.

2. book making: our titles: 1. dragon island  2. birds of paradise (works in progress)

photo 1-5photo 2-6photo 3

3. the magic horse by lotte reiniger – click here

4. the tale of the caliph stork by lenny hort –

Tale of Caliph Stork001

5. hopi kachina – click here

6. drawing peacocks from photos on line – click here

7. hoop dance – click here

8. drawing humans mixed with various animals, mostly birds.

9. avatar: the last airbender

10. storyboarding with uncle nico for a film idea about two kids who are on a mission to save the dying trees

11. the marin headlands and mount tam – check out this book jason brought home


12. talking a little bit about classical music. who mozart was. what chamber music is. listening.

13. capoeira

14. listening to music. listening to silence.


i am starting to anticipate that all very difficult moments of parenting are somehow paired with moments that affirm and amaze. it may not always feel that way, because the beautiful moment might happen right before the horrible one and then that horrible feeling is what sticks for awhile. and maybe it is just my way of looking for balance, grasping for meaning, or searching for a way to accept this roller coaster.

anyhow, these are the moments that help me make sense of it all.

we have all been sick for a couple days. lots of moaning, coughing, sniffling, etc. – yesterday i thought we might be at the tail end of it. then again last night, a ton of coughing and sleeplessness. ugh. we woke up this morning to a puking child with chills – not how i had anticipated spending the morning. then there is the dreaded future of the other child puking and of course then myself puking. not great.

viv puked for the third time this morning – since i was tending to her i didn’t notice ida wander off. when i was finished comforting and cleaning up after viv i wandered into the kitchen and found ida sitting at the table sharpening pencils and writing letters. when i asked her what she was up to she said,”you push the letter button and then write the letter again.” and then she showed me, tapping her pencil on the square with a letter in it and then copying that letter again. she had copied the letters into the squares off the edge of the water color pencils she was sharpening. she is 4.5 years old. i have never tried to teach her to write letters. she has written the name/word “pia” for about a month now, over and over. other letters have visited her drawings on and off. this is ida teaching herself how to write the alphabet, ida style.

photo 2-5

photo 1-4

now i must go snuggle with my sick child who is calling me from the other room. one sure way to move toward puking myself. while puking, i will try and meditate on the paper typewriter, the birds of paradise. (why the birds? more later)